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All the latest goings on from Remnant HQ...

A winning position?!

We are delighted to announced the winner of our Assume The Position photo competition: Daryl Richards! This little beauty made us smile no end! Well done Daryl!

Assume the Position!!

It’s true folks! We are off on a little tour of good ole Blighty this September! Four venues across the UK are about to become victims hosts of the Remnant party train as we travel the length and breadth of the country in our ongoing mission to bring our particular brand of stupidity to...

New Website!

So we have a new website…. kinda obvious really and somewhat makes this post pointless but hey, its all good fun right?!


Everything you could ever need to know about the idiotic collective known as REMNANT!
Infusing melody with technical riffs, Remnant combine a variety of influences across a range of genres.  A five-piece metal band featuring screaming lead guitars, dual female/male vocal lines; backed by galloping bass and thunderous drumming, Remnant make music to bang your fucking head to! \\m//

“In a live setting Remnant put on a show far more vibrant and accomplished than their years so if you ever have the opportunity to go and see them don’t pass it up.”

Simon Hall,

“... successfully blend an old school feel with a vibrant, contemporary touch and got the crowd going...”

Neil Duncan, Basingstoke Gazette

“... final song “Hate Me” saw an absolute frenzy from the audience.”

Eileen Bate,

Remnant's debut EP is available to purchase from the Remnant store.
The family: Guitars: Andy Gunn Vocals: Leigh Gordine & Tori Walter Drums: Sam Levell Bass: Russell Sawyer



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